The love and the long run relationship of the people of Veria combined with the unique mountains, forests and rivers of the area have triggered an outstanding and very promsing race not only to those who love the off-road motorcycle but also for the lovers of cycling and mountain marathon.


With the support of the Motorcycle Club of Veria and the Hellenic Athletic Motorcyclists Federation Rive3r comes alive on 4 and 5 June, in Veria Greece.


The athlets are going to pass the starting point three times in total, incluning the actual starting point, and they are going to finish these as well.Three rounds full of adventure, adrenaline and of cource full of Riv3r.


The Crossing is going to be undivided ribboned close circued most of the way.There are going to be checking-time points and not any special crossing in between. Special desinged bridges are going to unite the parts that can not be reached through the river there are going to be crossings through path ways and river beds that haven’t been used before.


LAMS company, which is the official time keeping company of FIM, has undertaken the time keeping of the race.


The planning of the race allows those who will be watching the race to be only breath away beam the race really close from numerous point, promising a unique experience to those spectators who will chose to watch the race from one of those.


There are going to be leaflets at the starting points, including maps instructions for the easiest accesss to these points even for the most demanding spectators.



River Enduro Crossing

The ultimate adventure at the banks of Tripotamos