Riv3r Enduro Crossing 2018 – Rules and Regulations

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Riv3r Enduro Crossing

Veria, May 26th – 27th 2018

Rules and Regulations




Start of Registration:


End of Registration:


Inspection: Saturday, May 26th 2018

10.00 – 15.00

Rider Briefing – Saturday, May 26th 2018

Race Order Posting Board 21.00 – 22.00

Race Start Sunday, May 27th 2018 10.30

Result Publication 30 minutes after the end of the race

Award Ceremony Sunday, May 27th 2018 20.30

Race schedules shall be fixed.



Race Office inside the race area.


E-mail:   info.riv3r@gmail.com

Phone numbers:  Administration: Dimitrios Papazisis:  +306949191297

                                Communications – Media: Antonios Mpazakas : +30 6995004040

                                Race Course:  Giorgos Tripolitakis:  +306980085058


Chair:                Giorgos Tripolitakis

Members:         Charis Papadopoulos

                             Antonios Βazakas

Race Observer:   AMOTOE                                                 


Umpires:           Dimitrios Karantonis – Giorgos Tripolitakis                                   

Race Director: Dimitris Athanasopoulos       

Administration: Dimitrios Papazisis – Katerina Koukoutegou              

Technical Inspector:       Drini Elvis                                       

Medical Care:       INTERSALONICA


The Board of umpires shall convene at the Race Office during the race.

Formal Notice Board at the Race Office.


Article 1 – Event Announcement

O.R.T. and M.S.T., sanctioned by AMOTOE, organize the 2nd RIV3R ENDURO CROSSING 2018

  1. The Sports Law 2725/1999 as applies
  2. The Technical Regulation of ENDURO racing
  3. The present Special Regulation and the Information Flyers which might be issued


Article 2 – Race Format

Course length is 63km (entirely closed course), tape – marked in several sections and consisting of three 21-kilometre circles, with three Time Check Points at the closure of every circle and four Route Check Points per circle.

There will be four technical support stations in every circle of the race, where outside assistance shall be provided to the riders only by the event organizers, excluding the second (2nd) section, where no outside assistance whatsoever shall be provided.

1st section: (1.5 km to 2.5 km) with assistance from the event organizers.

2nd section: (10 km to 11 km) without assistance.

3rd section: (12 km to 14.5 km) with assistance from the event organizers.

4th section: (17.5 km to 19 km) with assistance from the event organizers.

Moreover, asphalt is encountered only on the 6th km (intersected vertically by a country road).

In the event of withdrawal from the race for any reason, the rider will remain stationary until shuttled by the event organizers.

Article 3 – Categories

There are five categories of riders in the race: EXPERT, XL-CLASS, TRIAL, VETERANS, HOBBY.

More specifically:


Participating riders go through all four (4) technical sections of the race. To be considered finishers, they must complete three (3) 21-kilometre circles.


Two (2) riders with two (2) motorcycles participate in this category as a team. Participating riders go through all four (4) technical sections of the race. To be considered finishers, both riders must complete three (3) 21-kilometre circles.


Participating riders go through all four (4) technical sections of the race. To be considered finishers, they must complete three (3) 21-kilometre circles.


Participating riders go through the first (1st) and third (3rd) technical sections of the race. To be considered finishers, they must complete two (2) 21-kilometre circles.


Participating riders go through the third (3rd) only technical section of the route. They go through alternative routes for parts 1, 2 and 4. To be considered finishers, they must complete two (2) 18-kilometre circles.


Article 4 – Eligibility + Registration

Holders of a valid 2018 AMOTOE Sports License are eligible to participate in the race through the electronic administration system of AMOTOE (www.e-amotoe.gr).

To participate in the event, riders outside of Greece will need to notify the federation of their country through their club so as their request be promoted to ΑΜΟΤΟΕ on secretary@amotoe.gr.   

Registration fee: 65€. Overdue Registration fee: 20€.

All riders are insured against third party liability and driver’s personal accident according to the publication available at the Federation’s webpage (www.amotoe.gr) .

Riders upon payment of the fee are insured for both days of the race.

Upon completion of the entry form, riders declare knowledge and acceptance of the Rules and Regulations. Should the race be cancelled, all fees are refunded.


Article 5 – Seeding

Riders will be seeded by the event organizers.

Each category shall have a different colour.

  • TRIAL:          YELLOW
  • HOBBY:        RED


Article 6 – Administrative and Technical Checks  + Supervised parking area

All Administrative and Technical Checks shall be carried out on Saturday from 10:00 till 15:00 at the starting point.

For the technical check the rider must present:

  1. a) The motorcycle (Endurο – Motocross – Trial motorcycles are accepted).
  2. b) The helmet.

Following the checks, all motorcycles are parked inside the supervised parking area and are delivered to the riders 5’ prior to the race start.

Riders whose motorcycle has not gone through administrative or technical checks, shall not be allowed to compete.

Umpires are entitled to check any rider and their motorcycle throughout the race. Failure of a rider to comply with the requests of the umpires will result in disqualification.


Article 7 – Briefing

Following introductions, riders and their motorcycles shall be escorted to the centre of the town by the event organizers. All motorcycles shall be parked in a specially designated area. Briefing will take place at the venue “Elia” at 21.00.  


Article 8 – Start

Racers shall start in order of their seeding.

Start will be signaled on Sunday, May 27th at 10:30.

Starting process shall be complete 5 minutes following the start of the last racer.

All late riders shall start last.


Article 9 – Ranking

Racers of categories 1, 2 and 3 shall go through three Time Check Points, while racers of categories 4 and 5 shall go through two Time Check Points, one at the end of every circle where they shall be timed.  

The final ranking will be the sum of the times the racer shall have on the two or three circles respectively.

In the event of withdrawal beyond the first Time Check Point, points shall be granted as applicable.

Racer who fails to reach the first Time Check Point shall not be graded at all.

In the general classification, racers of categories 1, 2 and 3 are graded provided they have had a valid finish in their category.

Article 10 – Finish

Start and finish will occur on the same spot. Racers shall move their motorcycles to the supervised parking area where they shall remain until the end of the 30-minute objection period. Racers failing to comply with the aforementioned rule, will automatically be disqualified from the race.

Article 11 – Feed station + Repairs station

Feed and repairs stations shall be located in the 2nd circle, on the 21st km and in the 3rd circle on the 42nd km at the starting and finishing zone.   

Motorcycles entering the feed and repairs stations must move at low speed.

Motorcycles parking for repairs – refueling must keep their engines off.

Racers are entitled to accept outside assistance by the mechanic they have declared at the Administrative Check. Wheel replacement must be made by the riders themselves.


Article 12 – Objections + Appeals

Objections and appeals must be filed by the objectors themselves. Each objection must refer to a single case. Objections against any verification, any violation reported by the race official or anyone else appointed by the organizing committee for the verification of that violation will be overruled.

Objection cost equals that of the registration fee, while appeal cost is twice the cost of the registration fee.

Objections are filed against:

  • Non-compliant with the rules rider or entrant participation at least 30’ after inspection.
  • Race results within 30’ following their announcement.
  • Against technical reasons within 30’ following finish in the supervised parking area.

Article 13 – Results

Temporary results shall be announced at the end of the race and shall be finalized 30’ after their publication on www.riv3r.gr and on the android-ios application of the race.


Article 14 – Trophies

The award ceremony shall be held at the hotel “Aiges” at 20:30.

The winners of the race shall be awarded with:

Money prize to the first three riders of the general classification:

  • 1st 500 euros
  • 2nd 300 euros
  • 3rd 100 euros

Trophies for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of each category.

Commemorative medals to all racers along with T-shirts and stickers imprinted with the event’s logo.

Article 15 – Paddocks + park ferme

Racers and teams in general participating in the Riv3r Enduro Crossing 2018, should declare by e-mail on  info.riv3r@gmail.com, the m2 they will be needing inside the Paddocks area.

There will be a car parking site outside the Paddocks area.



In order to make the most of the assistance provided by the event organizers, when allowed, participating racers are advised to adjust belts – handles to the front and rear part of their motorcycle.


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