Riv3r Extreme Enduro Crossing in Greece

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Everything is born from an idea,usually a crazy idea.Riv3r Enduro Crossing 2016 was an sucsesfull Extreme Enduro event wich was desingned to take place in the center of Veria ,Hellas and espesially throw the banks of river Tripotamos for the first time.

The weekend 4-5 June 2016 Volounteers ,the organization of riv3r ,the motorcycle club of Veria and the wholle city of Veria,Hellas ,welcomed the 67 riders that started the race together with those who came with them.

The competition was tough for riders and organizers also.From the 67 riders that started race only 25 passed the finish line.In the end the smile in the face of all of them was the reward and especially for the volounteers who supported the riders with the best way in the dificult spots.

At the time that these words are written Riv3r Enduro Crossing 2016 is an memory,a sweet memory that reminds us that #everything_can_be_down_

Riv3r Extreme Enduro Edition 2 is starting in June 2017.


  1. Trigas Giannis 1:53:17
  2. Pavlidis Giannis  2:12:23
  3. Dalibiras George 2:13:19

© Copyright Photos Christopoulos Haris

© Copyright Photos Christopoulos Haris


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