The love and the long-term relationship of Veria’s people with motorsport, combined with the unique mountains, forests and rivers of the area, have triggered an outstanding and very promising race not only forthe loversof the off-road motorcycle but also for those of cycling and mountain marathon.With the support of the Motor Sports Team, Off Road Team and the Hellenic Athletic Motorcyclists Federation, Riv3r comes alive on 26thand 27th May, in Veria, Greece.


Riders are going to pass from the starting point three times in total, the actual start of the race included, finishing there, as well.Three rounds full of adventure, adrenaline and of course, full of Riv3r.


The course is going to be a continuoustape-marked closedcirclefor itsmost part.Time Check Points shall be placed at the closure of every circle. Specially designed bridges are going to connect the parts that cannot be reached through the river alongwith crossings through pathways and creekspreviously unused.


LAMS company, which is the official time keeping company of FIM, has undertaken the task of the race’s Time Check.
The layout of the race allows spectators to be literallya step away from it,enabling them to see the race from various points while promising a unique experience.


Leaflets shall be distributed at the starting point, including maps instructions for easy access to the above mentioned points even for the most demanding spectators.






River Enduro Crossing

The ultimate adventure at the banks of Tripotamos